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Ohanajo Organic Lavender Essential Oil

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100% Pure Essential Oil

Ohanajo Organic Lavender Essential Oil is linked to inner calm and balance. This oil helps to emotionally ground those who are feeling mentally stressed or anxious. Lavender has a dynamic aroma that made it perfect for multiple functions. It helps to balance your energy centres (chakras), and improve your mood (especially during bedtime) to soothe the nerves and relax the mind. Made from organic lavender, it is a perfect beginner's oil and a must for each home.

All Ohanajo Essential Oils have been homemade with love and infused with crystal bowl vibrations to enhance their healing benefits.

Ingredients: Organic Lavender Essential Oil

How to use?
As aromatherapy: Drop 8-15 drops of the lavender essential oil into the aromatherapy burner or diffuser. You may add or reduce number of oil drops according to your preferences.
Meditation: Put a few drops of the lavender essential oil onto your palm. Rub your palms together and inhale the aroma of the lavender essential oil. To enhance your meditation experience, you may apply a few drops of the oil to the sole of your feet to help balance your energy and better grounding.
Bedtime routine: Before you go to bed, apply a few drops of lavender essential oil to the bottoms of your feet and rub them or diffuse it next to your bed.

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