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Meditation Set

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This set is strategically put together to assist you to enter into a meditative state easily.

California White Sage with Lavender smudge stick is great for space purification while providing spiritual calmness to those within the space. It is essential to energetically cleanse the space before any meditation work. This smudge stick is commonly used for the following purpose.

•Spiritual calm
•Enhances loving energy
•Attracts angelic beings
•Protection & cleansing

Wind down and relax with our Organic Lavender Roll-On and Room Spray. They can help to emotionally ground you, especially when you are stressed or anxious.

Light up a Palo Santo incense and get yourself comfortable. It is renowned for its medicinal, spiritual and therapeutic healing powers. Its scent can help you to easily enter the meditative state.

Have a good meditation journey!

Meditation set consist of:-
Organic Lavender Roll-On
Organic Lavender Room Spray
White Sage & Lavender
Premium Palo Santo Incense
Big Incense Holder
Small Smudge Holder

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