Cloth Face Mask

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Cloth Face Mask

- Eco Friendly. Safe & Hygienic. Machine Washable.

- Made with 100% Premium Cotton

- Comes in 3 sizes for Royal Blue Flowers & Purple Paisley

  • S
  • M

- Comes in 2 sizes for other options depending on the width and size of one’s face and jaw line:

  • S-M
  • M-L

COVID-19 spreads mainly from person to person through respiratory droplets produced when an infected person coughs, sneezes, or talks in your presence. Face masks generally help to limit the spread of germs, especially if you’re around people who are sick, or you are in a crowded or confined space. However, those who might be infected with the virus may not display any symptoms of it yet, so social distancing measures or wearing a mask can also limit the number of people from being infected through droplets that are released into the air.


- Before putting on a mask, make sure your hands are always cleansed with soap and water or an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

- Try not to adjust the mask and handle it too much once it has been secured on your face, to limit the spread of germs and bacteria from your hands

- Always make sure you are aware of which side of the mask is facing out, and which side is facing in, as you would never want to place the outside facing side of the mask against your face

- Always put on and remove the mask by handling only the strings or elastic bands connected to the mask rather than directly touching the mask itself to limit physical contact with the germs or bacteria collected on the surface of the mask

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