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Animal Totem Incense Holder - Practical Magick by Rhiannon

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These sweet little animal figurines are incense holders made from heavy brass and aluminium embellished with colourful rhinestones.  

A spirit animal is characterized as a teacher or messenger that comes in the form of an animal and has a personal relationship to an individual. Other names might be animal guides, spirit helpers, spirit allies, power animals, or animal helpers. It is believed that you do not choose the animal, rather it chooses, or has already chosen you. The animal is there to provide “medicine” to the recipient in the form of guidance, lessons, protection, power, or wisdom. Shamans worldwide have relied on the guidance, wisdom, and symbolism of spirit animals for thousands of years.

Your ANIMAL TOTEMS always walk with you. You are never alone on your journey.

Magickal Tip: Furry family members are super cute but can be untidy. Place them on your Brass Holder's plate or any base to tackle ashes in the safest, smartest way.

It is Powerful.
It is Portable.
It is Practical Magick.


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