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7 Chakra Crystal Pendant

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Chakra comes from the word 'Cakra' in Sanskrit, which means "wheel" and refers to the energy points in your body. Each chakra governs a unique focus and is located at specific area of the spine. Keeping your chakra balanced and aligned is crucial to keep your energy flowing freely for better emotion and physical well-being.

Each chakra relates to a particular color so this 7 Chakra Crystal Pendant consists of a combination of 7 different gemstones that corresponds to each chakra. In many cultures, gemstones are believed to have certain healing powers. The structure of each gemstone is unique, and believed to produce a particular vibration that helps to align and balance the flow of energy through the chakras.

This 7 Chakra Crystal Pendant can keep you protected, remove negative energies, clear your mind and give you a better outlook of your surroundings.

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