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5-Rings Dream Catcher

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Excellent for decorating a wall or door! To top it off, a dream catcher is very meaningful as well!

For centuries, the Native American Indians believe that dreams have influence over the conscious soul of the dreamers and they frequently act as means for change in personality traits such as confidence, maturity, kindness and loyalty.

It is ancient legend that placing a dream catcher over your sleeping area can protect you from nightmares and bad dreams. A dream catcher was originally hung over the cradleboard to protect infants from harmful dreams and other dark spirits in the air from entering the mind of those it protects. The web of the dream catcher traps bad dreams while allowing good dreams to pass through and slides down the feathers to enter the child's dream.

There are many people who believe that dream catchers are more than just legends. For these people, dream catchers are regarded as good luck charms that help to ward off bad energy.

A dream catcher is much more than just a beautiful protective charm! When it's given as a gift, it tells the other person that you care about their well being and peace of mind.

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