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Myrrh Resin

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Myrrh is an aromatic yellow to reddish brown gum obtained from the small, thorny, flowering trees of genus Commiphora, which grow in Northern Africa and the Middle East. Throughout history, Myrrh resin has been commonly used as perfume, incense and healing. It is often used in meditation due to its pleasant, calming, and earthy scent.

Benefits of Frankincense resin:
- Calms nerves
- Enhances positivity
- Clears negativity
- Cleanses the air (anti-bacterial & anti-fungal properties)

How to use Myrrh resin?
Light up a charcoal tablet and sprinkle some resin on top of it. Allow the scent to fill up the space. The earthy aroma can help to clean the space and/or prepare your mind for meditation.

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