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California White Sage with Lavender

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This combination of California White Sage with Lavender is great for space purification while providing spiritual calmness to those within the space.

The dried leaves of the White Sage have a sweet, slightly astringent aroma. Sage is traditionally used by the Native American for shamanic practice due to its renowned healing and benevolent energy. The scent of the sage can calms the mind and purifies the body.

Lavender used in smudging is generally good for inducing a deep state of calmness. Lavender is a good smudge for right before bedtime.

This smudge stick is commonly used for the following purpose.
•Spiritual calm
•Enhances loving energy
•Attracts angelic beings
•Protection & cleansing

Carry on a tradition of healing and blessings with this remarkable smudge stick!

Size: 5-6"

How to use a smudge stick?
Light the tip of your smudge stick. Blow out the embers, then set an intention to cleanse your aura, home or living space of any unwanted or negative energy. Start to walk in a clockwise direction whilst smudging any hidden corners, even the closet, doorframe or open drawers. Allow the smoke to waft around your energy field, personal jewellery, crystals or belongings. Keep the window open to allow the smoke and negative energy to find a pathway out of your newly cleansed space.

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